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Legal Resources
Cert. of Enrollment


           Per HOUSE BILL 4, SECTION 21,  To homeschool in the state of Mississippi, the parent must file a Certificate of Enrollment EACH year for EACH child who has attained the age of six years but has not attained the age of seventeen years on or before September 1st of the current school year.  The certificate must be filed with the attendance officer in the county of residence by September 15th.  A parent who withdraws his child from public school during the school year may submit the Certificate of Enrollment to the attendance officer within 10 working days and still be in compliance with the law even though he missed the deadline.

           Homeschooling parents should mark Home Instructional Program and may simply state, “I am providing a home instruction program” as the Description of Instruction.  It is not necessary to complete the forms in the presence of an attendance officer.  See HSLDA’s analysis of Mississippi’s law as it pertains to homeschooling for further information.

          The Certificate of Enrollment forms may be obtained from any attendance officer in the county of residence by visiting one of the following sites or by calling the officer and requesting that the forms be mailed (the officer may require the names of the children to be homeschooled.)  The forms should be completed and returned in person or by mail to the officer from whom they were obtained.  They will later be filed with the officer covering the district in which the student lives. 

 ATTENDANCE OFFICERS (Note: we know some of the following info is no longer correct.  But, hopefully the numbers will lead you in the right direction.)

Gaye Beasley (Desoto Central High School): 536-1479

Kathy Askew (Olive Branch Middle School): 895-4610

Lindsay Jones (Desoto Central Middle School): 349-6714

Kristie Busby (Desoto Central Middle School): 349-6552

Ginger Hale (Tate County): 560-6593

 This information does not constitute the giving of legal advice.


Obtaining a Driver's License

To obtain a driver's license in the state of Mississippi, a child between the ages of 16 and 18 must submit a Certificate of School Attendance Status EACH year. This form can be obtained at the Desoto County Board of Education at 5 E. South Street in Hernando, MS. or at one of the high schools. You can also click here for a downloadable file.  You will need Adobe Acrobat to read it.  

Complete the form and check "is enrolled in a nonpublic school". The form MUST be notarized and taken to the driver's license testing station when applying for a license. Interesting note: You are not required to use your social security number as your driver's license number, but you must request that another number be used.